Kiwi 150g


Short Description:

Kesar The Happiness Flavour Healthy Sun Dried Kiwi Fruits


    This is a vegetarian product.
  • Taste & quality: Have your all-time favourite Kiwi anytime, anywhere now. These dried and preserved kiwi will have you
  • Occasions: Serve with your other offerings to guests on usual or special occasions. Munch on it without disturbing your diet. It comes handy while travelling and avoiding junk food. Garnish your dessert with this.
  • Variety and packaging: Many more sun-dried fruits available by Kesar for your different preferences. Quality assured packaging to make sure it reaches your home without any damage.
  • Storage instructions: It has a shelf life of 9 months, provided that it is stored in a cool and dry place. Also, store it in an air-tight container.
  • Kesar uses fresh kiwis and sun-dries them to maintain quality and nutrient properties.

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