Assorted Cashew Fudge 25 Piece

Assorted Cashew Fudge 25 Piece 625g


Short Description:

Assorted Cashew Fudge 25 Piece Phad Box


    This is a vegetarian product.
    The box comprises of 5 piece each of the below products:
  • Mango Cashew Fudge : Melt the joy of summers in your mouth with this beautiful combination of mangoes and cashews.
  • Cranberry Cashew Fudge: The traditional fudge gets a new twists with creaminess of cashews and freshness of cranberries.
  • Rose Cashew Fudge: Relish the ruse of roses with smooth creaminess of cashews with this rose cashew fudge.
  • Blueberry Cashew Fudge- Taking the melt-in-mouth experience of traditional fudges to a new level with joy of blueberries and cashews.
  • Saffron Cashew Fudge: Allow the delicacy of traditional Indian saffron and creamy cashews to melt in your taste buds.